Are you looking for a graphic designer?

I (Kenneth Walton) am a self-motivated, enthusiastic, results driven graphic designer located in West Hartford, CT. With more than 8 years of print and 6 years of web design experience behind me, I deliver inspiring designs that can effectively communicate your specific message to your target audience.

Are you are looking to enhance your business’s image with branding, promotional materials, a website, or a professional interactive whiteboard presentation? If so, I can deliver a customized solution to meet your business’s specific needs.

Thank you for stopping by. Please take a moment (or several) to look through my graphic design portfolio so you can get a feel for the type of work that I can provide you with.

A bit about myself

I am a graphic designer with more than eight years of professional experience. I work for a full service educational development company, which means most of the time I am a graphic designer, sometimes a Flash programmer, and occasionally write HTML and CSS. The majority of the work I do is print material, the rest is iMedia which includes CD-Rom/DVD based products, and web based products. You can view my graphic design portfolio here.

Flash game development is something I became involved with six years ago when I began creating some very simple games with Flash 5. It was and has been a hobby ever since, just that I have spent little time on it over the last couple of years, but that is changing and some new material will be coming out, maybe not tomorrow, but within a few months.

For the record, I have many interests besides working on the computer; my wife, our families, our pets, swimming, biking (bike commuting, road riding, cross-country mountain biking, freeriding, and sometimes downhill), running (not on pavement and not as frequently as I should), snowboarding, home brewing, gardening, landscaping, home improvement, and cooking/grilling.

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